12 Aug Quarter One Lesson Ten

What is Baptism? When Jesus went to the cross He was “baptized” (covered over) with our sin. He was immersed in our sin. As believers we are baptized into Jesus Christ; that is, our sins are covered over and we become immersed in Him. This is a truly wonderful experience that comes to us when we believe the gospel. Because of our immersion in Christ we want the world to know we believe in Him and belong to Him. And so God has told us in His Word to demonstrate this immersion to the world through a procedure called “baptism.” Come and study about baptism. See how it reveals the gospel in 3D living color.

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12 Aug Quarter One Lesson Eleven

What is the Church? The church is those who believe in Jesus, who are called to Him according to His purpose. The church has a special role to play in the drama of this world, and in this lesson we will see what the role of the church is. But just as important we will discover how the gospel is illustrated in the church. Indeed, there would be no church apart from the gospel. This lesson focuses on how the church came into being and the special role the church has, and both of these reveal the glory of the good news.

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12 Aug Quarter One Lesson Twelve

What is Evangelism? Evangelism is simply the sharing of our faith in Jesus with others. It is embracing the gospel ourselves and then giving it out to as many people as we can. In this lesson we show that the gospel is such good news that it should be shared with the whole world. After all, if we won the lottery wouldn’t we share with those we love? If we received a huge inheritance wouldn’t we give to those in need? All who understand how really good the good news is want to share it with as many people as they can. Come and study how the gospel prompts our giving it away to others.

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