Quarter 1

05 Aug Quarter One Lesson One

This first lesson teaches us of the reality that there is a God. You may or may not believe He exists currently, but to come to a proper conclusion about anything in life it is important to study the evidence. This lessons seeks to give you evidence that God exists, and more specifically, who He is and why He created you.

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08 Aug Quarter One Lesson Two

What is man? We might also ask the question, “what is the meaning of life?” These are questions that have been the subject of many people’s quest for answers throughout their entire life. In today’s lesson we will answer those questions from the Bible. And in doing so we will find that God has an amazing plan for mankind, and that plan is summarized in the gospel. This lesson also begins applying the truths of the Bible to your own life. It isn’t much good to simply have knowledge or learn the truths of the Bible, we need to see how the understanding of God and the gospel affects us personally. Come study today’s lesson and learn how God created the first man and the first woman, what they were created for, and how that applies to you personally.

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11 Aug Quarter One Lesson Three

Sin is everything that is wrong in our world. When God created the world He made everything perfect. There was nothing wrong. There was no sin. But then the first two people God made, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God and brought sin into the world. And now our world is imperfect. There is sickness and diseases, moral decay, heartaches and sorrows, and death. This is all due to sin, and it affects every human being. But there is good news! And this good news was planned before the creation of the world, before sin entered the world. And just like sin affects every human being, so the gospel means good news for all. “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you;

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11 Aug Quarter One Lesson Four

What is the gospel? The gospel means “good news” and it is such good news that it truly is hard to believe. It tells us of a Substitute who paid for our wrongs, and along with that payment He purchased our eternal life. So because of this good news anyone who believes is forgiven of all sin, freed from guilt, made holy in God’s eyes, restored to a right relationship with God and will live forever. See? I told you it was hard to believe. And yet the gospel is founded on the historically verifiable truth of the death and resurrection of Jesus, God’s Son and our Substitute. Come and study the gospel with us, and see it unfold in all its beauty!

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11 Aug Quarter One Lesson Five

What are the Effects of the Gospel? Sin ruined the world. Sin in our lives can ruin us! But God has done something about sin in the world, and about our own personal sin, by providing Jesus, our Substitute. Jesus took on Himself all the sin of the whole world, all our sin, and gave us all His righteousness. The effects of this good news are numerous and life-changing. Come study some tremendous life-changing effects of the gospel, and see how Jesus overcame all sin. The good news just keeps getting better and better the more we understand it.

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11 Aug Quarter One Lesson Six

What is Faith? The Gospel is truly hard to believe. In a world where most of the news is bad the gospel seems entirely out of place. We can’t seem to get our minds around it or experience how really good it is. This is where faith comes in. The good news has to be believed. So how do we believe what is hard to believe? In this lesson we find that God Himself must give us faith to believe what He has done for us in the gospel. As God opens our eyes to see the good news, and our opens our hearts to embrace it, we put faith in this good news and begin to experience the reality of it. Come and study how we get faith in the gospel.

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11 Aug Quarter One Lesson Seven

What is grace? Grace is an amazing concept which cannot be understood apart from the gospel. It was grace that God sent His Son to take our place. It was grace that God put our sin on His Son. It was grace that God forgave our sin and removed our guilt. It was grace that raised us up with Christ, taking us out of the tomb of sin and unbelief. It was grace that restored our relationship with God. It was grace that filled us with hope and gave us eternal life. Grace can only be described as amazing, and is best experienced through the gospel. Come and study about grace and the gospel.

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11 Aug Quarter One Lesson Eight

What is repentance? When we believe the gospel it affects our lives deeply. We want to turn away from the sin that put Jesus on the cross. We want to live differently. And yet we find this hard (perhaps even impossible) to do. Yet we find that through the gospel God has made provision for a life-change. When we believe the gospel He gives us a gift. This gift is called “repentance” and it enables us to turn from sin and turn to God. Come and study one of the best gifts God gives us when we believe the good news, the gift of repentance. See how God might change your life today!

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12 Aug Quarter One Lesson Nine

What is prayer? Sin breaks our relationship with God, the gospel restores it. A restored relationship with God means we have access to Him. We have the ear of the God of the universe! This means that when we pray He actually hears us and promises to answer us, in His time and His way. We can have boldness to come to God knowing that Jesus removed our sin from us and made us righteous. Because of the gospel, we don’t have to hesitate, wondering if a righteous God wants us in His presence. Come and find a “secret place” of wonderful fellowship with God, made possible only through the gospel.

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12 Aug Quarter One Lesson Ten

What is Baptism? When Jesus went to the cross He was “baptized” (covered over) with our sin. He was immersed in our sin. As believers we are baptized into Jesus Christ; that is, our sins are covered over and we become immersed in Him. This is a truly wonderful experience that comes to us when we believe the gospel. Because of our immersion in Christ we want the world to know we believe in Him and belong to Him. And so God has told us in His Word to demonstrate this immersion to the world through a procedure called “baptism.” Come and study about baptism. See how it reveals the gospel in 3D living color.

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12 Aug Quarter One Lesson Eleven

What is the Church? The church is those who believe in Jesus, who are called to Him according to His purpose. The church has a special role to play in the drama of this world, and in this lesson we will see what the role of the church is. But just as important we will discover how the gospel is illustrated in the church. Indeed, there would be no church apart from the gospel. This lesson focuses on how the church came into being and the special role the church has, and both of these reveal the glory of the good news.

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12 Aug Quarter One Lesson Twelve

What is Evangelism? Evangelism is simply the sharing of our faith in Jesus with others. It is embracing the gospel ourselves and then giving it out to as many people as we can. In this lesson we show that the gospel is such good news that it should be shared with the whole world. After all, if we won the lottery wouldn’t we share with those we love? If we received a huge inheritance wouldn’t we give to those in need? All who understand how really good the good news is want to share it with as many people as they can. Come and study how the gospel prompts our giving it away to others.

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