Quarter 2

30 Sep Quarter Two Lesson One

The Gospel and Growing In this lesson, we are going to examine how to grow as a Christian; that is, how to grow closer to God and walk nearer with Him, how to mature in our faith in Jesus. The Bible tells us that there are phases of growth and development which are not merely physical but also spiritual. We will study the various stages of growth in the Christian life as described in 1 John 2: 12-14 beginning with little children, moving on to the young men and ending with fathers. Join us for this enriching study of the stages of spiritual growth.

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01 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Two

The Power of the Word In this lesson, we want to see the value of God’s Word as that which causes us to grow and mature in grace and in our relationship with God through a study of Jesus’ walk with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus after His resurrection. We will also learn about the importance of prayer in this process and the necessity of reading the Scripture not merely for the discipline of reading it or for more information, but rather with the proper focus and a heart’s desire to draw near to Jesus. Come learn with us!

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01 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Three

The Power of the Word—Illustrated In this lesson, we will continue our study of how the Word of God is the means by which we grow in the Lord by studying Paul’s instruction to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4: 13-15. We will remind ourselves of the primary message of the Bible and the importance of keeping that message in the forefront of our hearts and minds by studying through Genesis 22. Come study this inspiring lesson and have your heart moved with thanksgiving for what God has done and is doing on your behalf.

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01 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Four

The Necessity of Humility This lesson will address one of the hindrances to growth and maturity that can come with intense study of God’s Word. Pride is a common trap of the devil, but we can take steps to avoid it. A study of Philippians 2: 5-11 provides us a glorious picture of Jesus and His humility which will humble our own hearts and teach us how to avoid the pitfall of pride in our pursuit of a deeper walk with Christ. Join us for this encouraging and instructive study on the necessity of humility.

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03 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Five

Growing in Forgiveness and Reconciliation In this lesson we are going to learn about growing in forgiveness and reconciliation. We will learn by studying Christ’s response to those who sinned against Him and be inspired by what Christ has done for us. Forgiveness and reconciliation are powerful and often repeated themes throughout the Bible, come study with us as we discover how we can follow Christ in these areas as He leads us by His love and mercy. Come study with us.

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20 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Six

Growing in Grace True growth in Christianity is a growth in grace. This lesson explains the difference between law and grace and gives us the purpose of each. We will also find the means by which we may grow in grace by studying through Hebrews 13: 9-13 and seeing how Christ feeds and strengthens us so that we might grow in grace. Come study the power of grace and find the joy of living in grace and extending it to others.

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20 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Seven

Growing in Meekness Meekness is strength under control, power restrained. This lesson will be a study of what it means to put on the meekness. We will study through Luke 9: 51-56 and John 8: 2-11 to see two different biblical illustrations of meekness from the life of Christ so that we might learn from Him. Study with us and learn how to put on this quality of Christ.

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20 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Eight

Growing in Compassion In this lesson we want to look into the heart of Jesus to get a glimpse of His heart, how He feels, what motivates Him. We will be studying the compassion of Christ, and how we too might learn to live with compassionate hearts. Compassion is not passive; it is active. This lesson will encourage our hearts as we see God’s compassion for us, and it will challenge us to respond by living with those around us in a compassionate way. Join us for this uplifting and helpful study.

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20 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Nine

Growing in Kindness In this lesson, we study what it means to put on the kindness of Christ which is so much more than simple courtesy. We study through the kindness of God toward us and learn how His kindness moves us and enables us to reach out to those around us with kindness in our hearts and actions. Join us as we learn more about and then seek to put on the kindness of the Savior.

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20 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Ten

Growing in Thankfulness 1 Thessalonians 5:18 instructs us to “Give thanks in all circumstance…” But this can be easier said than done. This lesson explores what it means to be thankful and even grow in thankfulness regardless of our circumstances by reminding us of the Savior and the work He has done for us on the cross. Come and meditate with us on what Christ has done for us and see how you too might grow in thankfulness amidst the trials of life.

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20 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Eleven

Words of Life Proverbs 18:21 tells us that, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” so the words we speak clearly matter. This lesson will focus on what it means to speak in a Christ like manner. We will learn what it means to speak words that build others up and give life to them. Join us as we examine the words of life that were given by Jesus and how they inform how we should interact with those around us.

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22 Sep Quarter Two Lesson Twelve

Growing Strong in the Lord In this lesson we study through Ephesians 4: 9-15 and other passages to see how we might mature in our faith and in our walk with the Lord. We will study that growing in our faith isn’t just growing in Christ like attributes, but it is also growing in our intimacy with Christ. We learn more about how to draw near to God so that we might experience more of Him. Come join us as we fix our eyes on Jesus and become more mature in our faith.

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