Quarter 3

20 Sep Quarter Three Lesson One

Overcoming and Motivation What motivation should a believer have for overcoming sin, the flesh, the devil and all other problems in life? The Bible tells us the gospel is a powerful motivation for living life for God. There are many motivators in this world: we’re motivated to diet if we want to look better. We’re motivated to quit smoking if we want to be healthier. We’re motivated to change if we want to impress people. But the Bible tells us the gospel brings with it the most powerful motivation in the world for real life change. Come and study the gospel and experience this powerful motivating force!

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21 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Two

Overcoming and Guilt What is it that keeps us from true life change? What defeats all our New Year’s resolutions and all our vows to do better? The Bible tells us that guilt is like an undertow. It pulls us back out into the ocean of sin. This is why the gospel is such a powerful motivation that enables us to overcome sin. After all, Jesus took on all your sin and removed all your guilt, and therefore there is no more “undertow” pulling us back out into sin. Come and study how the gospel removes our guilt and enables our overcoming.

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22 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Three

Overcome the World, the Flesh and the Devil “Know your enemy” is a famous maxim for soldiers. Believers have three main enemies in this world: the world, the flesh and the devil. What wonderful news to hear that Jesus defeated these enemies when He died on the cross and rose from the dead. Through the gospel we become “more than conquerors” through Him Who loves us. Come and study how Jesus death and resurrection is your victory over the three enemies that defeated human beings for thousands of years. Come and learn how to be victorious through the gospel.

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23 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Four

Overcoming through Union with Christ One of the most amazing things that believers experience is union with Jesus Christ. We feel that we are one with Him, united to Him, joined forever with Jesus. This has a huge impact in the way we live our lives, and the way we fight our battles. We discover that through being one with Jesus we have victory over Satan. After all, Jesus rose from the dead triumphant over all sin, over Satan, over death and hell and the grave, victorious over everything. Therefore, as we are one with Him, we overcome too. What great news!

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Five

This lesson continues to discuss the theme of our overcoming through union with Jesus. What an awesome thought to consider, that we overcome sin not through our own efforts but rather by being united with Jesus. Now that’s different than any self-help book, any spiritual life-change guru, any life-coach, will ever teach you. It’s different than any addiction/recovery “ministry” or any 12-step group will ever explain. That’s why the gospel is what God has used for thousands of years to set men and women free from the bondage of sin. Come and see how union with Jesus, purchased for you at the cross, can change your life!

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Six

Overcoming our Flesh The believer has competing desires. In his heart he wants to do right, to follow Christ wholeheartedly and to live for God. But in his flesh he finds desires to do wrong. The Bible knows this, of course, and presents to us a wrong solution and a right solution, and in this lesson we take a look at both. It should not surprise us that the gospel is the remedy for this problem. It seems the gospel has the solution for all problems in life, and indeed it does. Come and study the gospel with us, and find how it relates to this problem of the flesh that all believers have.

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Seven

The Gospel and Life-change How does believing in Jesus lead to actual life change? When we believe the gospel we receive the Holy Spirit and He begins to live the life of Jesus through us. He begins to remove sin and create holiness in our lives. This happens progressively, over time. God works through His Spirit and His Word, and His body (the church) to help shape us in the image of Jesus Christ. So as we grow we become more like Him. This is the power of the gospel; it not only forgives our sin it changes our lives.

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Eight

The Gospel and False Teaching False teaching hinders our spiritual development. It stunts our growth, leaves us languishing, and prevents maturity. The gospel is the antidote to false teaching. Not to oversimply, but the truth is that as long as we hold fast to the gospel we will not be susceptible to false teaching. This is the point Paul is making in Galatians 1. The gospel is our “plumb-line” by which we measure any teaching we receive. If it isn’t centered in the gospel, it’s false teaching. That’s about as plain as it can be said. So come study this lesson and see how the gospel produces well-nourished, healthy, mature people who are becoming more and more like Jesus.

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Nine

Overcoming Through Seeing the Mystery of Christ The gospel is a mystery, which, if you discover will keep you coming back for more and more. The purpose of this lesson is to reveal this mystery, to show the glory of the gospel as it was hidden in story form in the Old Testament. Once you see this mystery unfolded before your very eyes you will see how the gospel unlocks every passage of Scripture. Once you know the gospel, you will know how to interpret every Bible passage you read. Come and study the mystery, learn the gospel as it is revealed in story form in the Old Testament.

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Ten

Overcoming Through Crucifixion The cross is the heart of the Bible. Jesus’ death on our behalf is the focal point of every passage of Scripture. Through the cross Jesus saved the world. Through the cross we overcome the world. Come and study how the crucifixion is not only the focal point of the Bible, not only how Jesus saved the world, but also how we overcome and be victorious. Victory through death. That’s the subject of this gospel lesson. It is unlike any other method of overcoming, for it is God’s way of both saving us and setting us free. What glorious good news this is!

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Eleven

Victory through the Cross Three men on a hill, the one in the middle winning the battle for others. Does that sound like the cross? Well it is, but it is also an amazing story found in the Old Testament. This is really what happened during a particular battle that the Israelites fought. Come and read this story and have your faith strengthened and find energy to fight your battle through the power of the cross. Overcoming through the cross is a truth that is illustrated clearly in this Old Testament passage. It gives us tremendously good news!

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25 Sep Quarter Three Lesson Twelve

Put on the full armor of God! A solider cannot win in the battle unless he is properly clothed for the fight. Just the same, believers are told to put on the full armor of God. The reason is so that we can stand against the temptations of Satan. This lesson shows us how the gospel is woven throughout the armor of God, and how Jesus, Himself is actually the armor of God. With Jesus surrounding us we are fully clothed for battle and can expect to live life victoriously, dressed in the full armor of God.

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